Long Beach to Become First City in California to Include LGBT Businesses Certified by NGLCC, Along with Disability:IN and NaVOBA Certified Businesses

April 24, 2019

Washington, DC –  The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), the business voice of the LGBT community, is proud to announce the City Council of Long Beach, California has unanimously approved a measure to include NGLCC certified LGBT Business Enterprises® (Certified LGBTBEs®),  in contracting and procurement opportunities, as well as capacity building and educational programs from small businesses, throughout the city. For LGBT citizens of Long Beach, this inclusive policy provides fair and equal access to contracting opportunities and economic development programs that drive innovation, create jobs, and promote economic growth throughout the region.  The measure will also include NGLCC partners in the National Business Inclusion Consortium, Disability: IN and the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA).

This policy makes Long Beach the first city in California to intentionally include LGBT-owned businesses in municipal contracting and procurement opportunities, a best practice of the private sector and of an ever-growing number of states and municipalities. This landmark policy for the City of Long Beach was passed thanks to the advocacy of NGLCC and its state and local affiliate chamber, the Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. In 204, NGLCC, in collaboration with local affiliate chambers and advocacy leaders in California, enacted the first ever legislation that included Certified LGBTBEs® in public sector opportunities (AB1678).

“Thanks to the leadership of the Long Beach City Council and of our local affiliate chamber, the Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, LGBT entrepreneurs, along with their disability and veteran business owner counterparts in the Long Beach region will now have the opportunity to create jobs and develop innovations that benefit all who live there,” said NGLCC Co-Founder & President Justin Nelson. “California has a legacy of leadership in promoting inclusivity at every level of public life. Now, history has been made here in Long Beach, and this victory for inclusivity has once again proved our core values that ‘diversity is good for business’ and that ‘if you can buy it, a Certified LGBTBE® can supply it.’ We are excited to see Certified LGBTBEs® in every field from construction to catering and everything in between help grow the economy of California and beyond.”

In 2018 and early 2019, NGLCC won the inclusion of Certified LGBTBEs® in Orlando, FL; Nashville, TN; Baltimore, MD; Jersey City, NJ; and Hoboken, NJ, while also advancing statewide bills in New York and New Jersey.  Currently, California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania also include certified LGBT-owned businesses, along with major cities like Seattle, Newark, Columbus, and Philadelphia.

“This is a historic moment for our city of Long Beach and for our LGBT business community. The door of opportunity is open for our members at the Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, veterans and people with disabilities, alongside all the other diverse communities of Long Beach. I’m proud of our city to become more inclusive in their procurement efforts and their continued strive  to make Long Beach a great city! We hope to see our partners throughout California follow our lead,” said Joe Mendez, President, Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

“California has always had one of the strongest networks of NGLCC Certified LGBTBEs® and LGBT-owned companies, which also include businesses owned by those with disabilities, veterans, and more. We hope this resolution in Long Beach will encourage more mayors and councils to proactively include the LGBT community for the optimum social and economic health of their cities. Collectively, LGBT-owned businesses contribute to the $1.7 trillion dollars that the LGBT business community puts into the national economy.  Progressive and inclusive leadership, like that of the Long Beach City Council, will ensure greater access to the American Dream for every American,” said NGLCC Co-Founder & CEO Chance Mitchell.

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Jonathan Lovitz
Senior Vice President, NGLCC

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is the business voice of the LGBT community and is the largest global advocacy organization specifically dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBT people. NGLCC is the exclusive certification body for LGBT-owned businesses, known as LGBT Business Enterprises (Certified LGBTBEs®). www.nglcc.org @nglcc


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