NGLCC Praises Executive Order Banning Federal Contractors from Discriminating Against LGBT Employees; Looks Toward Banning Discrimination Against LGBT Contractors

WASHGNTON, D.C.—July 21, 2014—National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce co-founders Justin Nelson and Chance Mitchell attended the ceremony at the White House this morning when the president signed the executive order banning LGBT discrimination by federal contractors. NGLCC also looks forward to ensuring nondiscrimination is not only in the workplace but also extends to taxpayer funded federal contracts
“This is the ultimate ‘pro-business’ decision the president can make. Access to work and economic advancement is a basic and fundamental principle of what makes the U.S. economy strong and resilient. With today’s executive order, President Obama has greatly added to his outstanding legacy to making America stronger for all,” says Nelson, who serves as NGLCC president.  
While praising the president’s executive order, NGLCC believes further action is needed to ensure businesses owned by LGBT people have equal access to federal procurement opportunities. NGLCC looks forward to working with the Obama administration to make this a reality and will continue to advocate aggressively for these businesses to have every opportunity to compete for federal contracts.  
“There are multiple federal programs that greatly lift up communities that have been discriminated against—it’s time to add LGBT businesses to the list of those eligible for such programs. The president rightly acknowledges with today’s announcement that LGBT employees need protection. The next logical step is to recognize that those who are LGBT and own businesses also are worthy of similar opportunities when seeking government contracts,” says Mitchell, CEO, NGLCC.
Today’s action follows the creation of a nearly $4 million partnership between the U.S. Agency for International Development and NGLCC to encourage and support LGBT business owners and entrepreneurs in developing countries. 
The unprecedented agreement holds the promise of creating a more equitable business and cultural environment for LGBT people through economic empowerment. 
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