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This page is dedicated to our network of exceptional, innovative Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® (Certified LGBTBE®) suppliers in the NGLCC network.  Here you will find information on business development webinars and trainings; online matchmakers, both B2B and corporate; support with drafting capability statements and RFPs; and much, much more to help our businesses and community stay strong and ready for the year ahead. 

For funding and economic relief information, please visit our hub: NGLCC Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Additionally, many NGLCC local affiliate chambers have regional information an economic recovery opportunities available. To find your closest local affiliate, click here.

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Wednesday, February 10 | 2-3PM EST
Navigating the Next Round of PPP Funding for Your LGBT Business
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Wednesday, February 24 | 2-4PM EST
Progress, Partnership & Perseverance: A Celebration of Black LGBT Entrepreneurs & Leaders
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Wednesday, March 10 | 2-3PM EST
Getting Paid in the COVID Era
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Wednesday, March 24 | 2-3PM EST
Embracing the Gender Expansive Community
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Wednesday, April 7 | 2-3PM EST
Three Keys to Negotiating Success in Challenging Times
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Wednesday, April 21 | 2-3PM EST
It Takes a Coalition
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Wednesday, May 12 | 2-3PM EST
LGBTQ+ Proudly Unstoppable with UPS
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Wednesday, June 2 | 2-3PM EST
SLAP (Silver Lining Action Plan) Live
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Wednesday, August 11 | 6PM EST
Navigating the Legal & Healthcare Systems While Transitioning
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Wednesday, September 29 | 2PM EST
LinkedIn 201
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March 26, 2020   | Link to resources: SBA COVID-19 Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources


NGLCC Virtrual Site Visitor Training

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Communities of Color Initiative (CoCI) Introduction


Wednesday, April 1, 2020 | 2:00 PM EST
ISO900 Training: Get Your Products & Services Ready for the Big RFPs
As part of our ongoing promise to continue LGBTBE business resource trainings online, we are pleased to present Part II of our ISO 900 Webinar Series on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST! This seminar is a high-level introduction on ISO 9001:2015 Standard and the Certification Process. It is geared to help take the guesswork out of a quality management system implementation and to help the organization avoid painful learning curves typically seen during a quality management implementation.  For businesses that are planning on implementing an industry-recognized Quality Management System, we highly recommend you to attend! Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Let us help you prepare for the workload to increase as our economic recovery continues ahead.
Friday, April 3, 2020 | 1-2PM EST
Tax in the time of COVID-19: tax implications and opportunities stemming from the CARES Act 
Presented by EY
Events like the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), have made reacting to trade disputes, and continued implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act much more difficult. The volume and pace of information has not stopped and yet the difficulty of staying on top of these developments has increased.
Wednesday, April 8 | 2-3PM EST
The Top 6 Leadership Competencies Every Leader Should Know and Grow
OK: so you want to focus on developing your own leadership … good for you! Now, where to start? In this session Dr. Steve Yacovelli will share what he’s discovered to be the Top 6 Leadership competencies (or skills) everyone wanting to be a rock star leader should focus on. From leveraging your authenticity to having leadership courage, being empathetic to mastering communication, and building relationships to shaping workplace culture, you’ll leave this session with an understanding of what these six look like in your workplace, and what steps you can begin to take to strengthen them for your own leadership success. 
Monday, April 20 | | 2-3 PM EST. [NOTE THIS WEBINAR IS ON A MONDAY]
The Intersectionality of COVID-19 and the Small Business Community
WIPP President & CEO Candace Waterman will lead a discussion with special guests: Justin Nelson, Co-Founder & President, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and Pamela Prince-Eason, President & CEO, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). These leaders will share available education, resources, and networking opportunities within their organizations. In addition, hear up-to-the-minute business policy and funding information from Capital Hill. This webinar will feature the WIPP Advocacy Team and the U.S. Small Business Administration.
Wednesday, April 22 | 2-3PM EST
Butterfly Effect: Leading with Resiliency
Presented by: Michele Wierzgac & Jenn T. Grace
Resiliency is not a nice skill to have, but a must-have for leaders. In a world of changing businesses, bosses, rules, and pandemics, the basic principles of resilience are critical for operating in a whirlwind of change. When you eventually emerge from your cocoon, what changes will you face? What changes will you develop or support? Will you have the courage to tap into your well of resiliency? Will your eyes be wide open to a fresh perspective? Will you be willing and able to help others to endure the rigors of the butterfly effect? Join Michele Wierzgac, MSEd, LGBTBE, Keynote Speaker and Author and Jenn T. Grace, Publisher, Publish Your Purpose during this interactive webinar.
Wednesday, April 29 | 2-3 PM EST
Adjusting Your Anchors: Regaining Stability and Control in the Age of COVID-19
Presented by: Brian Gorman
Not that many weeks ago the coronavirus wasn't in any organization's strategic plan; nor was it a part of anyone's personal or family planning. Today it is affecting virtually every part of each of our personal and professional lives. During times of relative stability, we each rely on our own ""anchors"" to provide us with a sense of security and stability. These generally consist of a series of beliefs, a number of different people, various things, and a set of activities. With the coronavirus many of these anchors have been suddenly torn away or significantly shifted.  After introducing the anchors concept, participants break into small groups to begin the process of applying anchors thinking to the anchors changes that they need to make in their personal life. They will leave the webinar having started their personal anchors work and will also have an individual anchors guide and template to both guide your own work and to share with family, friends and colleagues. At the conclusion of the webinar participants are also provided with a guide and template for bringing the anchors work to their businesses and/or work teams.
Download webinars worksheets/templates:
  -For Individuals: click here
  -For Organizations: click here
Wednesday, May 6 | 2-3PM EST
Entrepreneurship as a Creative Practice: Unleashing the Power of LGBT Creativity in Your Business and Breaking Through Creative Obstacles
Presented by: Peter Krask
As entrepreneurs, we're called upon to engage with our creativity every day.  Many entrepreneurs may not think of themselves as creative. Or perhaps you're one who considers creativity primarily the realm of artists. But, as business owners, and LGBT business owners, we face questions that demand creative and innovative solutions. With increasingly rapid changes to the landscape of work, we're asked to be ever more self sufficient and engage with challenges directly. We're required to tap into reserves of our creativity in unexpected ways.  As an artist and business owner, and founder of The Creativity Guide, I've witnessed and lived the striking parallels between the process of making art and creating and running a business.  Both require imagination, a sense of play, and a willingness to take risks.  Bringing an idea to life in the world is filled with enormous rewards as well as genuine difficulty.  What happens when we encounter obstacles to accessing our creativity?  How do we work through them?  Through a forty-five minute guided discussion, we will explore creative entrepreneurship, through a series of questions designed to breakdown and breakthrough creative obstacles. We will also take a deeper look at the special relationship LGBT people have to creativity and how that informs our approach to creating our businesses. This lively round table discussion is sure to spark some interesting and enlivening thought and conversation, all meant to get your creativity moving.
Wednesday, May 13 | 2-3PM EST
Working From Home: Time Mastery Tips
Presented by: Joshua Sky
In this relatively new world, the need for greater self-management as a form of time management is more important than ever. During this webinar, I intend to review some basic tips and best practices for working from home. This would be followed by a conversation through Q&A that would help any in the audience ask questions that are relative to their experience.
Wednesday, June 3 | 2-3PM EST
Business UNusual: How to grow your company when business UNusual becomes business AS usual
Presented by: Heather Cox and Liz Whitehead  

The coronavirus has put a stop to "business as usual"

  • Companies are revisiting their travel plans and policies as well as sick leave and remote work policies
  • The implications for supplier diversity is that events may be smaller or cancelled completely
  • How do suppliers work with companies that have these challenges?
  • How do companies that still want diverse suppliers conduct outreach?
  • How does supplier diversity work if events are cancelled?

Heather and Liz tell suppliers how to adapt their supplier diversity strategy to the new business reality and take advantage of opportunities presented during this time.

Wednesday, June 10 | 2-3PM EST
Virtual Pride: Tips to Move Your Organization's Pride Programming Online
Presented by Bernadette Smith | Equality Institute 
LGBTQ Pride parades and festivals around the world are mostly postponed or cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many groups around the country and world, the LGBTQ community is striving for some semblance of order and calm in the midst of the Covid-19 chaos. Many of us live alone and are experiencing a profound sense of loss, confusion, or aloneness. Pride events are important for us to find community and celebrate our culture. They're a critical time to build confidence, as well as more allies. Within organizations, it's urgent to continue Pride programming even if there are no in-person events to attend. Educational programming can still create community, but more importantly, it can reassure LGBTQ people that they do have allies - even if they can't see them every day at work. This session shares 5 low or no-cost ideas of "Virtual Pride" educational programming you can easily implement within your organization this Pride month.
Wednesday, June 17 | 2-3PM EST
14th LGBTQ Community Survey: Key findings, marketing insights and outreach
Presented by Thomas Roth & David Paisley | Community Marketing & Insights
The Community Marketing & Insights LGBTQ Community Survey is the longest-running (14 years), largest (45,000+ participants), most representative (150+ countries) and diverse (LGBTQ+) study of its kind. Gain practical insights about the demographics, purchases, interests and motivations of the community, across the spectrum of LGBTQ demographics. Is there an LGBTQ "market?" Or are there sometimes separate, distinct L, G, B, T, Q markets? Often our generational, gender identification and ethnicity differences are too significant for a single outreach message. Based on LGBTQ Community Survey key findings and relevant case studies, we'll discuss similarities and differences in purchase motivations, sensitivities and community recognition. And we'll look at the distinct opportunities found within these segments, to help participants make more authentic connections for your product, service or employment outreach.
Click HERE to view the webinar.
Wednesday, June 24 | 2-3PM EST
Black. Queer. & Successful. A Discussion on Pride, Race & Business Opportunity
As the NGLCC celebrates Pride Month and also commits to service to elevate Black leaders in the LGBT business community, the NGLCC Communities of Color Initiative (CoCi) and Trans Inclusion Task Force (TITF) have teamed up for a special presentation on Wednesday, June 24. In order for all of us to achieve our maximum potential as business owners, corporate leaders, advocates, and citizens, we must grapple with the systemic racism and race-based biases that have kept us apart. Join us for a conversation with two Certified LGBTBE® owners as they discuss their journeys in launching and growing their companies as Black LGBTQ entrepreneurs with members of the NGLCC Supplier Diversity and Stakeholder Engagement Center teams.
Speakers included:
-Moderators: Alicia Greene, Manager of Supplier Diversity, NGLCC; Sean Franklin, Manager of Stakeholder Engagement, NGLCC
-Braxton Fleming, Founder & CEO, Stealth Bros & Co.
-Endia Dickerson & Nastashia Matos, Owner & General Counsel, Women Builders Group (WBG)
Wednesday, July 1 | 2-3PM EST
How To: Virtual Product Discovery - Strategy
Presented by: Gervais Johnnson
We will discuss using the Business Model Canvas and related practices for developing your business strategy where your team is remote and distributed. You will learn the approach for Product Strategy development and tools like Business Model Canvas and Lean-UX Canvas. The content will provide each critical knowledge to work virtually and leading practices on how to develop the needed business product strategy for your company or organization needs.
Wednesday, July 8 | 2-3PM EST
5 Tips for Understanding and Managing Conflict with Colleagues
Presented by: Genesis Fisher
Ever get so fed up that you want to social your own videoconference? Genesis Fisher, of Fisher Law Practice, is a Certified Mediator, Adjunct Law Professor and trainer. She'll discuss the roots of conflict and explore a key skill for active listening that will help you communicate more effectively and diffuse tension.  Be ready to dive in! This is an interactive workshop that incorporates polls and breakout rooms so that participants can practice their new skills. In the wake of the pandemic, there's been an explosion of webinars and educational offerings for struggling small business owners. Few have addressed how we are all managing the increased anxieties and conflict. We're seeing that communication and engaged listening aren't just soft skills, but integral for how we connect with and support one another. Employers and workplace leaders also have an opportunity to re-write their workplace culture by listening to messages from folks on the ground.
Click HERE to view the webinar.
Wednesday, July 15 | 2-3PM EST
Remote Leader 2.0: Moving from Maintenance to Resilience, Increased Productivity and Engagement
Presented by: Mitch Lippman, President of The Mitch Lippman Group, Inc., a Certified LGBTBE®
Consulting services including one-on-on and team coaching, facilitation, and training.
With many businesses and employees continuing to work remotely, most leaders have figured out how to maintain their teams.
As we move into a longer (or potentially permanent) period of remote working, leaders can utilize new tools, skills, and ideas for improving their leadership, and moving from the novelty of working from home to address issues such as developing culture, building better-running teams, and developing individuals in a creative, customized manner.
The webinar offers information and tools for remote leaders in the COVID-19 era to better engage their teams as a group and as individuals.
Topics covered will include promoting and fostering organizational culture and a focus on D&I, and getting the most out of your teams.
Participants will gain specific methods for leading both team and one-on-one meetings, as well as building/rebuilding team culture and business alignment, recognizing and dealing with employee burnout, and having more productive conversations that increase productivity through better focus and increased engagement of teams and team members.
Wednesday, July 29 | 2-3 PM ET
So, You Think You Can Pitch?
From spontaneous conversations to formal business development presentations, pitching your business is a daily part of the entrepreneur’s journey. What makes the perfect pitch? How to you captivate the attention of potential customers and partners? Learn from NGLCC Corporate Partners and fellow LGBTBEs about the keys to success to take your pitch to the next level.  This webinar is ideal for business owners at any stage of their journey, and especially beneficial for those considering participating in NGLCC’s Sip & Pitch Fridays or upcoming summer Matchmaker programs.  
Wednesday, August 5 | 2-3 PM ET
Getting Your Certified Product to Store Shelves
Join NGLCC for this special presentation focused on helping consumable product and commodity suppliers reach the retail market in stores and online. Whether it is food, beverage, clothing or home decor, getting your products on store shelves and into the hands of consumers is a complex journey that many certified businesses have faced. This webinar will bring together NGLCC certified LGBTBEs who have taken this journey themselves and corporate partners who can provide valuable insight into the process. Learn how suppliers have leveraged their NGLCC certification to scale production from concept, to manufacturing, warehousing and ultimately into the hands of customers. ss owners at any stage of their journey, and especially beneficial for those considering participating in NGLCC’s Sip & Pitch Fridays or upcoming summer Matchmaker programs.  

Wednesday, August 12 | 2-3PM EST
What can Hello Alice do for Your LGBT-Owned Business?
Hello Alice, a long-time NGLCC organizational ally, helps all founders launch and grow their businesses. A free multi-channel platform, Alice guides business owners by providing funding, networks, and services. Through supporting hundreds of thousands of companies a day in all 50 states and around the world, Alice is building the largest community of owners in the country, while tracking data and trends to increase the success rate for entrepreneurs. Co-headquartered in Houston and San Francisco, and founded by Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, we believe in business for all by providing access to all owners, including LGBTQ, women, people of color, veterans, and everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Join NGLCC and Hello Alice for a look at their groundbreaking LGBTQ business research, in partnership with NGLCC, and how their resources can help our communities thrive.
Click HERE to view the webinar.

Wednesday, August 19 | 2-3PM EST
Use LinkedIn to ITS highest potential so you can reach YOUR highest potential!
Coach and Motivational Speaker Russ Terry has built a consistent 6-figure business, and more than half of that revenue comes directly from LinkedIn! If you're an entrepreneur who wants to generate more income, we highly recommend you attend this informative webinar. He will walk you through all the different sections of LinkedIn and how you can do more/use it differently to make yourself much more likely to have many more opportunities coming your way!
Click HERE to view the webinar.
Wednesday, September 2 | 2-3PM EST
Be a Futures-Minded Innovator: Basic foresight principles for businesses during the pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic is aggressively reshaping businesses – from the services and products offered to the way that leaders interact with clients and customers. How are you innovating your business? How are you preparing for futures? How are you strategizing during uncertainty? Join this webinar to learn how you can be a Futures-Minded Innovator during the pandemic. During the webinar, learn of basic foresight principles and strategic resources to fuel practical conversations and decisions for your organization. Stronger People Leader is a newly released resource that offers critical insights for today’s leaders including coaching, team sessions, and a workbook solution. Using the Stronger People Leaders approach, an essential role for any leader is that of a Futures-Minded Innovator.
Click HERE to view the webinar.
Wednesday, September 9 | 2-3:30 PM EST
Special Broadcast: Cybersecurity and Other Essentials for Contracting
By popular request for this important topic:
As the FCC says: whether a company is thinking of adopting cloud computing or just using email and maintaining a website, cybersecurity should be a part of the plan. Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft. Every business that uses the Internet is responsible for creating a culture of security that will enhance business and consumer confidence. Join Leidos and fellow NGLCC partners for an in-depth look at the what you must know about cybersecurity and technological competency to be competitive it today's dynamic procurement market.
Click HERE to view the webinar.
Wednesday, September 16 | 2-3 PM EST
First Comes Perseverance, Then Comes Growth
As a business owner, you know all about tackling challenges. But even the toughest business owners are struggling right now. The COVID-19 crisis may be one of the most difficult challenges of our lifetime, but you are not in this alone. In this webinar, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President Roby Schapira, will share insights and data to support you to identify ways to help you manage your business despite the unknowns. The webinar will include:
• Connecting with customers and staying relevant
• Using your network and partnerships to find help (and help others)
• Managing cash flow, including sourcing the capital you need
Wednesday, September 23 | 2-3 PM EST
MatchMaker Prep Seminar: Getting the Most out of MatchMakers 
Presented by Johnson & Johnson in partnership with the NGLCC Communities of Color Initiative
“The NGLCC matchmaker programs serve as a fantastic tool to generate business opportunities and connections. That is why Johnson & Johnson is proud to partner with NGLCC for its first-ever virtual matchmaking event focusing on minority-owned Certified LGBTBE companies with whom our company and others can do business. I hope to see you there!” 
– Charlene Vickers, Director, Supplier Diversity Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Click HERE to view the webinar.


Wednesday, November 4 | 2-3 PM EST
Leveraging Technology to Ensure Business Agility & Digitally Transform Your Business with Dell and Microsoft 
Presented by: Alykhan Hirani, Sr. Channel Sales Executive, MNA Microsoft

Leveraging technology to ensure business agility is important in any environment, but in today’s world of COVID-19 where it’s your main or only way to collaborate with employees and customers, it’s truly imperative. In fact, you have the opportunity to digitally transform your business now to position yourself for the future.
In this session, you’ll learn about tools—from Windows 10 Pro to Microsoft 365 Business, that will help you do it.
Key takeaways:

  • Modern workplace solutions and collaboration technologies
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Microsoft 365 Business

Sponsored by Dell Technologies

Click HERE to view the webinar.