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NGLCC Global is working to identify businesses outside the United States that are majority-owned by LGBTI entrepreneurs and help them become suppliers to U.S. multinational corporations, in-country companies, government agencies, as well as U.S. based Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® (Certified LGBTBE®) companies and each other.

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Each year, NGLCC Global convenes global leaders, LGBTI Chambers of Commerce and business networks, economic development and human rights experts, governments, and the private sector to cultivate a more socially and economically inclusive world. Global LGBTI Business Week provides a week of dynamic events that focus on sharing new thought leadership and existing best practices for global LGBTI economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, and development. 

International Events

LGBTI Summit of the Americas: NGLCC convenes international LGBTI chamber leaders for its signature LGBTI Summit of the Americas to discuss global business strategies and international trade. NGLCC Global has held five Summits of the Americas in Bogotá, Colombia (2012); Mexico City, Mexico (2014); Lima, Peru (2015); Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2016), and Toronto, Canada (2017).

Trade Missions: Every two years, NGLCC organizes a bilateral trade mission with an affiliate chamber. In 2010, NGLCC led a business and cultural exchange to Argentina; in 2012, NGLCC sent the first U.S. Government-certified LGBTI Trade Mission to Colombia; and in 2014 NGLCC organized a U.S. Government-certified LGBTI Trade Mission to Mexico.

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NGLCC Global works with a growing network of LGBTI Chambers of Commerce/Business Networks around the world.

Not an International Business? 

LGBT-owned businesses in the United States should become certified as a part of the NGLCC Supplier Diversity Initiative.

LGBT-owned businesses in Canada should become certified as part of the Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s LGBT Supplier Diversity Program.