NGLCC x Meta

An African American woman sitting and leaning her cheek on her hand while sitting at a table slighting smiling.

Meta has always supported creating opportunities for all small businesses. Which is why Meta and the NGLCC are teaming up to offer a series of trainings and content — including an NGLCC-hosted session on the benefits of certification for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. Certification helps level the playing field for small businesses by reducing barriers to entry and providing them with more access to capital.

Featured Training Videos & Tips

Discover ways to boost your business, elevate your digital marketing, and be more inclusive.

1. Getting Your Business Certified with NGLCC

  • Becoming a certified business can grant you greater access to capital, connections and more.

2. Telling your business story

  • Learn how to tell your business story in a compelling way that helps you engage with your customers.

3. Building a more inclusive business

    • Prioritizing inclusivity is good for business. Learn how to create a more welcoming environment for both your customers and employees.