Pharma Opportunity Council

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The Pharma, Healthcare, Life Sciences, & Bio/Med Tech Council is dedicated to the vast array of supply chain and supplier development opportunities with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.The group comprises more than 30 industry-specific corporate partners and key LGBTBE leaders with a mission to create opportunities for LGBT entrepreneurs, networking, matchmaking, education and capacity building.

Additionally, this council is a vital part of NGLCC’s advocacy and public policy work. Working with industry leaders, the council promotes equity, inclusion, and pro-small business initiatives that benefit the entire marketplace, as well as promoting access to affordable, equitable healthcare that recognizes socioeconomic disparities.

The council focused on four key areas:

  • Marketing / Advertising / Communications
  • Staffing and Logistics
  • Event Production
  • Manufacturing



  • William (“Bill”) Gunn (he/him), Chief Procurement Officer, Consumer Health, Johnson & Johnson
  • Jami Bliss (she/her), Vice President, Global Procurement, GSK


  • Dave Imre (he/him), CEO, imre

Corporate Sponsors

Merck & Co., Inc.

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