Butterfly Effect: Leading with Resiliency

“Presented by: Michele Wierzgac & Jenn T. Grace
Resiliency is not a nice skill to have, but a must-have for leaders. In a world of changing businesses, bosses, rules, and pandemics, the basic principles of resilience are critical for operating in a whirlwind of change. When you eventually emerge from your cocoon, what changes will you face? What changes will you develop or support? Will you have the courage to tap into your well of resiliency? Will your eyes be wide open to a fresh perspective? Will you be willing and able to help others to endure the rigors of the butterfly effect? Join Michele Wierzgac, MSEd, LGBTBE, Keynote Speaker and Author and Jenn T. Grace, Publisher, Publish Your Purpose during this interactive webinar.”


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