Entrepreneurship as a Creative Practice: Unleashing the Power of LGBT Creativity in Your Business and Breaking Through Creative Obstacles

“Presented by: Peter Krask
As entrepreneurs, we’re called upon to engage with our creativity every day. Many entrepreneurs may not think of themselves as creative. Or perhaps you’re one who considers creativity primarily the realm of artists. But, as business owners, and LGBT business owners, we face questions that demand creative and innovative solutions. With increasingly rapid changes to the landscape of work, we’re asked to be ever more self sufficient and engage with challenges directly. We’re required to tap into reserves of our creativity in unexpected ways. As an artist and business owner, and founder of The Creativity Guide, I’ve witnessed and lived the striking parallels between the process of making art and creating and running a business. Both require imagination, a sense of play, and a willingness to take risks. Bringing an idea to life in the world is filled with enormous rewards as well as genuine difficulty. What happens when we encounter obstacles to accessing our creativity? How do we work through them? Through a forty-five minute guided discussion, we will explore creative entrepreneurship, through a series of questions designed to breakdown and breakthrough creative obstacles. We will also take a deeper look at the special relationship LGBT people have to creativity and how that informs our approach to creating our businesses. This lively round table discussion is sure to spark some interesting and enlivening thought and conversation, all meant to get your creativity moving.”


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