Remote Leader 2.0: Moving from Maintenance to Resilience, Increased Productivity and Engagement

“Presented by: Mitch Lippman, President of The Mitch Lippman Group, Inc., a Certified LGBTBE®
Consulting services including one-on-on and team coaching, facilitation, and training.
With many businesses and employees continuing to work remotely, most leaders have figured out how to maintain their teams.
As we move into a longer (or potentially permanent) period of remote working, leaders can utilize new tools, skills, and ideas for improving their leadership, and moving from the novelty of working from home to address issues such as developing culture, building better-running teams, and developing individuals in a creative, customized manner.
The webinar offers information and tools for remote leaders in the COVID-19 era to better engage their teams as a group and as individuals.
Topics covered will include promoting and fostering organizational culture and a focus on D&I, and getting the most out of your teams.
Participants will gain specific methods for leading both team and one-on-one meetings, as well as building/rebuilding team culture and business alignment, recognizing and dealing with employee burnout, and having more productive conversations that increase productivity through better focus and increased engagement of teams and team members.”


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