Brennan McNell

Brennan McNell is the Senior Director of Corporate Relations at NGLCC and is responsible for overseeing the development and management of corporate partnerships.

He has a wealth of experience in the banking and hospitality industries. Throughout his career, he has held several key positions where he has demonstrated his ability to manage important relationships, create new programs and initiatives, and lead collaboration across different teams and levels of organizations. He is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and has been actively involved in various business resource group roles as a Diversity Council lead, LGBT Network Chair, and DEI Ambassador. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Brennan is a well-rounded individual who values making a positive impact in both his personal and professional life.

When Brennan isn’t at work, he loves to hit the road and explore new destinations, whether it’s a scenic hike, a camping trip, or a far-flung adventure. He is always eager to immerse himself in new cultures and experiences.

Brennan McNell headshot