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Upskill your older workers and improve your business – for free!

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About the AARP Foundation Upskilling Initiative

Older workers who are living with low income and looking for greater financial security must be prepared to develop new skills or improve the skills they already have. The AARP Foundation Upskilling Initiative provides small- to medium-sized companies with an opportunity to upskill their lower-earning workers who are over 50. The training is free and AARP Foundation handles all program administration. We only ask that the employer provide a guaranteed wage increase in return.

The Upskilling Initiative was specifically designed as a way for AARP Foundation to work with industry associations and intermediaries whose member businesses are owned or managed by people who have faced systemic  racism and discrimination — and who would be less likely to have access to resources to upskill their workforce. The initiative will provide new benefits for business members and simultaneously provide a pathway to economic security and mobility for workers over 50 who are living with low income.

How the Program Works
  • Eligibility: Workers 50 and older who are earning up to $16 per hour.
  • Training Costs: AARP Foundation will provide up to $2,000 in training costs maximum per employee with a guaranteed commitment of $1.50 per hour wage increase by employers after the training is With approval, an additional $500 in training dollars will be available if the wage increase is higher than the guaranteed commitment amount upon completion of the training.
  • Time: Up to 6 months for training. All trainings must be completed by October of 2023.
  • Training Providers: Employer-based or at reputable education and training organization/institutions.
  • Employer Commitment to Wage Increase at Completion of Training: Wage gains will be negotiated with the employer.
  • Size of Business: Small- to medium-sized businesses.

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