Co-Founders & Staff

NGLCC team members are actively engaged in serving the LGBT business community. Learn more about the team members' backgrounds and interests. 


Justin G. Nelson
Co-Founder & President, NGLCC
Chance E. Mitchell
Co-Founder & CEO, NGLCC


Jonathan D. Lovitz
Senior Vice President
Anthony Wisniewski
Senior Vice President
Sabrina Kent
Chief of Staff
Greg Shinbur
Vice President, Corporate Relations
Michael "MJ" Jordan
Vice President, Events & Experience
Glenn C Reimer
Senior Director, Events & Experience
Thomas "TJ" Chernick
Director, nglccNY
Jason Rae
Director, Affiliate Relations
Erasmo Sanchez Herrera
Director, NGLCC Global
Jason Vita
Senior Manager, Corporate Relations
Sean Franklin
Manager, Stakeholder Engagement
Alicia Greene
Manager, Supplier Diversity
Maurissa Weiner
Manager, Corporate Relations
Shanna Mansouri
Manager, Operations & Finance
Reiko Gallo
Associate Manager, Supplier Diversity & nglccNY Membership
Akriti Rana
Program Manager, Affiliate Education and External Affairs
Aarthy Madanagopal
Program Manager, NGLCC Global
Kevin Carpenter
Associate, Supplier Diversity
Jada Watson
Associate, Supplier Diversity
Lauren Schweppe
Assistant to the CEO & President, Office Administrator