Partner in the Spotlight: Pride Global

NGLCC Corporate Partners are dedicated to upholding the standard of diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) and ensuring that LGBT entrepreneurs have access to equal opportunities. Pride Global, who joined NGLCC as a partner in 2021, has set the bar high for incoming partners with their comprehensive supplier diversity initiative, Decidedly Diverse, and their stated commitment to DEI. Decidedly Diverse focuses on impacting the workforce, workplace, and marketplace for Pride Global both internally and externally.

“We believe wholeheartedly in supplier development, concentrating our efforts around hosting forums to educate, mentor, and connect minority-owned suppliers with other corporate partners,” explained founder & CEO Leo Russell. “Through efforts such as these, Pride Global can make a positive impact on the marketplace as a whole—and help our suppliers and ourselves realize sustainable business success.”

Decidedly Diverse and Pride Global’s other DEI initiatives are designed to connect diverse suppliers to additional business opportunities, aiding in their growth and innovation. Some of these initiatives include the development of Pride in Education, a nonprofit, and the Pride Global trade association, Diversified Staffing Alliance. Russell explained that these initiatives have helped to strengthen their partnerships, promote job creation in underserved communities, as well as empowering entrepreneurs across the country.

Alongside these efforts, Pride Global prioritizes equity programming and ERG initiatives in order to foster and preserve an inclusive culture. Rahdiah Barnes, Diversity Partnerships Liaison at Pride Global, described the company’s extensive commitment to the wellbeing of their employees through the many ERGs available to them, including “CUBS,” “Pride in Service,” “Lioness,” “Women of Color,” “Motherhood,” and many more.

Not only is Pride Global is a dedicated NGLCC partner, but has fostered a strong relationship with nglccNY, the New York Metro headquarters of NGLCC. As NGLCC affiliate chambers across the country begin to return to in-person programming, Pride Global pitched in to host the nglccNY March Members’ Monthly Mixer (M3).

As Pride Month 2022 continues, corporations across the country can look up to Pride Global as a stellar example of a diverse, inclusive group that is changing the way that companies do business with diverse entrepreneurs.

“At Pride Global, we truly believe that diversity is what makes us great,” Russell concluded. “It’s part of our history, core to our mission as a company, and central to the legacy we hope to create.”


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