Supplier in the Spotlight: Socio

Jeremy Bellman and Gonzo Araya created Socio to help sourcing professionals, their stakeholders, and suppliers work together as partners – an expression of the passion they have for helping people work better together.
Six years ago, they made a connection during an NGLCC matchmaking event that developed into a relationship with a corporate partner. To cultivate that relationship, they developed a strategy that included regularly scheduled phone calls, targeted emails, and mentorship program participation. A key part of their strategy focused on personal interactions during NGLCC events like the International Business & Leadership Conference, matchmakers, and galas. To further deepen their new relationship, they made sure to attend happy hours and coffee dates with the corporate partner. Jeremy and Gonzo’s combined efforts led to an opportunity to develop a graduate pilot program that integrates a unique set of diverse suppliers into their supply chain.
When asked what advice he would give to other Certified LGBTBE® suppliers seeking to make similar types of connections, Gonzo replied, “Understand what the client is trying to achieve, know the decision-making process, and make it easy for them to do business with you.” He also emphasized the importance of ensuring that your brand is on par across all touch-points before being too visible. That comes, in part, from knowing what you’re selling and the audience you’re selling to. Taking advantage of tier 2 opportunities offered additional paths to success, as well. 
According to Gonzo, Socio’s Certified LGBTBE® status has given them increased access, visibility, and opportunities. Socio is thrilled to be developing a cobranded product with their client. He expects these practices will help Socio experience controlled and sustainable growth well into the future.
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Gonzo Araya | Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Gonzo Araya | Partner, Chief Creative Officer


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