14th LGBTQ Community Survey: Key findings, marketing insights and outreach

“Presented by Thomas Roth & David Paisley | Community Marketing & Insights
The Community Marketing & Insights LGBTQ Community Survey is the longest-running (14 years), largest (45,000+ participants), most representative (150+ countries) and diverse (LGBTQ+) study of its kind. Gain practical insights about the demographics, purchases, interests and motivations of the community, across the spectrum of LGBTQ demographics. Is there an LGBTQ “”market?”” Or are there sometimes separate, distinct L, G, B, T, Q markets? Often our generational, gender identification and ethnicity differences are too significant for a single outreach message. Based on LGBTQ Community Survey key findings and relevant case studies, we’ll discuss similarities and differences in purchase motivations, sensitivities and community recognition. And we’ll look at the distinct opportunities found within these segments, to help participants make more authentic connections for your product, service or employment outreach.”


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