Virtual Pride: Tips to Move Your Organization’s Pride Programming Online

“Presented by Bernadette Smith | Equality Institute
LGBTQ Pride parades and festivals around the world are mostly postponed or cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many groups around the country and world, the LGBTQ community is striving for some semblance of order and calm in the midst of the Covid-19 chaos. Many of us live alone and are experiencing a profound sense of loss, confusion, or aloneness. Pride events are important for us to find community and celebrate our culture. They’re a critical time to build confidence, as well as more allies. Within organizations, it’s urgent to continue Pride programming even if there are no in-person events to attend. Educational programming can still create community, but more importantly, it can reassure LGBTQ people that they do have allies – even if they can’t see them every day at work. This session shares 5 low or no-cost ideas of “”Virtual Pride”” educational programming you can easily implement within your organization this Pride month.”


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